onsdag 12 september 2018

Diada 11th September

The 11th of September is the national day of Catalunya and therefore we had the day off. I took the opportunity to wander around in this beautiful city and look at all the different buildings and architecture of the city. Later in the evening I had to try out paella at a local restaurant in the area where I live, it was a real genuin Spanish restaurant and the food was great

During the day I also got the time to study, we had some reflection to finish because we missed one day at the University of Barcelona. Wrote some reflection about a picture that I thought represented second language teaching and what I think that is needed as a second language teacher.

måndag 10 september 2018

Reflection on teaching competence, touchdown Barcelona

10th of September, Touchdown Barcelona!

Yesterday I arrived to Barcelona. I took a taxi to my accommodation and after that I walked around near the beach and looked for a restaurang. I were in the mood for pasta and luckily I found a pleasant Italian restaurant. 

Today we had our first gathering at the University of Barcelona. We talked about second language teaching, competences needed in the classroom and the different grid tools you can use in developing our profession. The workshop were really helpful and interesting and there were also several ideas that was brought forth by the participants in the project regarding competences needed by teacher to become "super teachers"

måndag 20 augusti 2018

Continuing Professional Development

What does the term comprise?

Here are some of my thoughts on what the different words mean in "CPD".

Continuing - means to me that I should never stop in my professional development and that I am never fully educated. As a teacher I should always be eager to learn more to become a better teacher. A person is never fully educated and we all need to keep on educating all aspects of our professional development. 

Professional - as a teacher we need to be updated with new research and try different theoretical thesis and develop our theoretical knowledge and how I can mediate that my knowledge and educate my pupils in the most professional way. 

Development - development means to me that I should never stop evolve as teachers and reflect about our own profession to become the best I can be. Successively reach my main goal by setting up milestones to develop further as a teacher. 

torsdag 3 maj 2018

Thoughts on my upcoming profession & mobile technology

Well, since I am rather familiar using digital tools in the classroom, seeing this project as an opportunity to develop further knowledge in how to use mobile technology in the classroom.  I will try to write as much on the blogg that is possible and share my thoughts on what I have learned from the different interactive tutorials but also from my forthcoming week abroad in Barcelona where I will meet the participants from the other Universities.

The first thought that came to my mind when applying for the project was, and still is, how I, as a future teacher, can streamline the use Ipads and computers in the classroom. During the AVT I can see that I am ahead present teachers who have a lot of experience in the different subjects but not about digital tools in this matter. Being sure that this project will support me in my professional development and also being a way for me to help my forthcoming colleagues develop their knowledge about mobile technologies.

Since, pupils today is using mobile technology on a everyday basis I feel that it is important to come up with a way to streamline their use of mobile technologies in the schools. There is infinite possibilities how we can use digital tools in the classroom to help our pupils evolve and develop further knowledge. But how do we do it?

Writing this make me realize, at least it is spinning around in my head, how hard it is to actually educate pupils and being a good teacher. Making lesson plans, assess & grade pupils, adapt every lesson so it will be useful for a whole class and making sure that everyone is recieving the challenge they need to evolve as pupils. During my whole education I have never once reflected on that this will be a challenge for me when I am finished with my education and actually becoming a legitimized teacher. It has never crossed my mind until now, wonder why?

Furthermore, I am very exited to be a part of this project because I will get the chance to meet new fellow colleagues and also to get the opportunity to exchange thoughts and ideas with like-minded educators.